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Kabuli Pulao Masala

WEIGHT: 120 GramsORIGIN: Peshawar Delivery Charges: Rs. 100 BENEFITS The easiest way of relishing mouth-watering Kabuli Pulao, the national dish of Afghanistan, an ethereal mixture of rice and lamb meat, redolent of sweet and warming spices is in...

Grans Slimming Tea

WEIGHT: 50 Grams ORIGIN: Hunza BENEFITS: Grans Slimming Tea is a relaxing beverage. It rebalances your stress hormone level, which reduces inflammation of all kinds throughout the body. It also contains antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds that can...

Grans Maize Flour

WEIGHT: 500 Grams ORIGIN: Charsadda MAIZE SOURCE: Grans Organic Farm HARVEST TIME: June – Sepyember COLOUR: White BENEFITS:  Prevents Hemorrhoids. a rich source of carbs, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, promotes growth, boosts immune system, increases bone strength and controls...

Grans Wild Palosa Honey

WEIGHT: 400 grams ORIGIN: Swat Valley & Nowshera Belt NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Acacia (Palosa) Flowers HARVEST TIME: May to June CONSISTENCY: Smooth, Viscous, Rich & Moderately thick Color: Light Amber BENEFITS: Lowers bad cholesterol, strengthens immune system, good for athletes, elderly...

Grans Chicken Shami Kabab - Frozen

Weight: 8 PiecesBenefits:Grans Chicken Shami Kebabs are a delicious combination of chicken mince, daalchanna, gram lentil, and spices. Its homemade and fresh

Grans Beef Chapli Kabab - Frozen

Weight: 6 PiecesBenefits:Grans Chicken Chapli Kabab brings the authentic taste of Peshawar to your plate. Prepared usinga unique blend of spices, it is a soft, juicy kabab that is full of flavors and different textures,...

Red Chilli Powder

Weight: 120gram Benefits: Aka “Lal Mirch” powder has the capability to accelerate the digestive process. It relieves you from constipation by supplementing the process of secretion of gastric juices in their adequate amount. Red chili powder...

Grans Fresh Sarson Saag - Frozen

Weight: 8 PiecesBenefits:Grans Sarson ka Saag is a winter dish, it is an emotion. Made with fresh wintergreens and tempered with onions, tomatoes and spices, the result is a creamycoarse gravy that’s bursting with warm,...

Grans Jhatpat Pakora Mix

WEIGHT: 270 GramsORIGIN: Peshawar Delivery Charges: Rs. 100 Grans Jhatpat Pakora Mix is an instant solution to make pakoras. It serves to give you a crispy and delicious pakora platter in no time. All you have to do...

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