Welcome to Grans!

Grans is on a mission to bring good food back to your table by providing you with 100% natural food products with a promise of no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no chemicals.

We launched the exciting journey of Grans in 2017, just after realizing the dire need of chemical free and naturally healthy food products. We restructured our family business of wholesale into a brand and named it GRANS, a Pashtu word for beloved and rare.

Why Go Grans?

No Nasty Additives

No Chemicals

No Artificial colorings, flavorings and sweeteners

No Genetically Modified crops or organisms

Highest Standards

Natural Care for Animals

We aspire to transform the food industry into a healthy, transparent and socially-responsible business.

Hajiabad, a small yet strikingly beautiful village in Charsadda District, KP, Pakistan holds the beauty and peace that’s ineffable. The climate surrounding the village is always pleasant. It is a perfect paradise of lush green fields and quietness. Here sun dawns with birdsongs, gushing canal sounds, swinging tree branches, maneuvering butterflies, dancing dragonflies and warm welcoming hearts.


Grans products were tested and found complying with all the standards of KPK Food Safety and Halal Food Authority.

Grans is a Good Market certified brand. Good Market is a Sri Lanka based community of social enterprises and responsible businesses that are good for people and good for the planet too.

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