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Grans Crispy Pakora Masala

WEIGHT: 100 GramsORIGIN: Peshawar Delivery Charges: Rs. 100 Grans Crispy Pakora Masala serves to give you a premium traditional taste. Make delicious pakoras at your home with our specially picked mixed spices and carefully blended to give you...

Chaat Masala

Weight: 100gram Benefits: The vitamins A and C found in dried red hot chilli peppers are beneficial for the eyes and immunity, respectively. Asafetida is a source of niacin and riboflavin B vitamins, although cumin...

Coriander Powder

Weight: 120gram Benefits: It helps lower blood sugar. It’s rich in immune-boosting antioxidants and benefits heart, brain health and gut health. Promotes digestion and fights infections


Weight: 120 Grams

Grans Ginger Powder

Weight: 130gram Benefits: Never run short of ginger with our ginger powder. It helps speed up the digestion process and empty your stomach more quickly. It improves the health of your skin with antioxidants, increased...

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