WEIGHT: 85 Grams

ORIGIN: Qisa Khuwani

Delivery Charges: Rs. 100

BENEFITS:  Contains bioactive compounds that improve health, improve brain function, burns fat and improves physical performance, lower your risk of various types of cancer, 8. reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease Peshawar is known for its exceptional Kehwa  – Peshawari Kehwa. And we bring this special tea of blessings to your table by bringing Grans Peshwari Kehwa all around the globe. A single cup of Grans Tea in a day can do wonders. It improves health, burns fat, improves brain function, lowers the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Best to lose weight and lowers the risk of becoming obese. Well, just to head towards a healthy and long living here comes Grans Green Tea, best picked to give best aroma and taste for healthy you.

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